conquer fear with paul g. dunphy !


This is a question we aren’t asked often enough.
And if we were asked, we would likely respond with our name.

Who am I?

I’m __________.
And that would be the end of it.
But we are so much more than that… target (3) we are … … where we’re from, where we are now, and where we’re going.
… a combination of our memories, our experiences, and our future plans.
… our dreams; we are our fears.
… our talents, our skills, and our achievements.
… what we’ve gained, and what we’ve lost.
… everything we have ever been, and everything we might become.
… our thoughts, and how we feel.
… happiness, sadness, anger, and love. We are unquantifiable . We are unique .

And everything that we are is everchanging—between each breath is a different snapshot of our infinite selves.

We are not our names.
they’re just what we’re called.

cooperate (2)

We are a mixture of many things — important things.

It’s part of being human.

win (3)

to be

so big


so small

at the same time.

Sometimes we feel like we know everything, and sometimes we feel like we know nothing.

I’ve always wondered: how far can we go?
Is it unlimited? Are we unlimited? How far can we take this life?

How far can we push our limits ?

That desire to find out is the drive that created this website.

It was the insatiable curiosity:

how far was it possible for one to go?

find out

How much can I achieve?

And it was also the threat of a deep regret lurking at the end of a mediocre life.
I did not want to wake up and look in the mirror to see an old man looking back at me, wondering about all the paths he never took, the things he never tried, and the promises he never kept – to himself or otherwise.

And so Conquer Fear was created.

Not only would it help me to hold myself accountable, but it could also serve as a roadmap for those people that want to see one of the many ways that you can chase the improbable and achieve the impossible.

I want you to come along for this journey.

In the box below, enter your name and your best email address.

I’ll update you with tips, tricks, and my story – the valiant victories, and the depressing defeats.
It’s important to know both sides.

I want you to feel like it’s possible to achieve your own improbable dream.

Because it is possible, it’s just never going to be easy.

What is easy is to put it off until tomorrow, because that’s only a word for a day that never comes. It is said that if you quit your job, someone will soon come along and replace you. But if you quit your life’s work, no one is going to swoop in and complete it. Instead, your dreams and ambitions will fade away into the void. Enter your information in the box below, and start your own journey.

Chase the improbable dream, and create a life that you never imagined possible.

I’ll see you on the other side,
Paul G. Dunphy